Cressica Brazier


I am a civil engineer and community planning researcher focused on energy demand, design of the built environment, and the information technologies that connect energy use and environments.


  1. a_mcf.jpg
    Mobile Carbon Footprinting: Activity-Oriented Emissions Estimation and Feedback Using Smartphones
    J. Cressica Brazier, Shin Ban Tan, Clarissa Wei Shan Leong, and P. Christopher Zegras
    Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting, 2017
  2. a_megablocks.jpg
    The China Lab Guide to Megablock Urbanisms
    Jeffrey Johnson, J. Cressica Brazier, and Tat Lam
  3. a_aapg.jpg
    Alternative Activity Pattern Generation for Stated Preference Surveys
    He He, Bilge Atasoy, J. Cressica Brazier, P. Christopher Zegras, and Moshe Ben-Akiva
    Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2018
  4. a_shanghai.jpg
    Real and fake data in Shanghai’s informal rental housing market: Groundtruthing data scraped from the internet:
    Julia Gabriele Harten, Annette M. Kim, and J. Cressica Brazier
    Urban Studies, 2020